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None Scheduled due to Covid-19 Restrictions

The Election Results are in:

Members cast 68 ballots in the election for the 2020 Board of Directors. Candidates received the following votes:
Al Attea: 65 *
Kevin Starr: 57 *
Frank Altieri: 39 *
Chuck Sentman: 38 *
Denis Lichtenberger: 36
Several other club members also received one write-in vote each
* Elected to three year term
At the end of season board meeting, the board of directors re-elected the same members as President, Vice President, and Secretary for 2020. Joe Attea was elected as Treasurer.

USGA Handicaps
While not everyone responded to the poll regarding whether to maintain USGA handicaps if it would mean increasing costs, the majority of respondents said they would accept an increase in dues if necessary. The results of the poll were:
Increase dues up to $25 per year if necessary: 36
Cut back on prizes to help defray costs: 6
Cut inter-club events to help defray costs: 2
Implement a BGC-only handicap: 8
Two other suggestions were also received from members.
Since we do not need to act on this immediately, you may send your thoughts to Alan Mis ( if you did not respond to the poll.

The Rules Have Changed!

In 2019, the USGA made the most significant rule changes since 1984. The new rules are intended to simplify the rules of golf and speed up the pace of play. The new rules are in effect now.

Click the links below to check out the changes. You can also download the USGA Rules Of Golf app to your smartphone from the Apple or Android app store.
USGA Rules Home Page (including several brief videos)
Five key changes to the USGA rules
Summary of USGA rule changes
Description of rule changes (33 page document)

Sell Your Extra Golf Equipment:

Now BGC members can post their excess golf equipment that they would like to sell on a free "BGC Golf Sale
Board". BGC members can sell, trade, or post an advertisement for golf items or out of production golf clubs that
they are looking for and would like to purchase. Use the link below to go to the "BGC Golf Equipment For Sale"
web site. Contact Steve Prunella ( if you have any questions.

BGC Golf Equipment Sale

Because of some confusion about exactly what members were doing when they used the BGC Tee Time System, it has been renamed the "BGC Member Link-Up". This is more descriptive of what you are doing: linking up with other BGC club members when there are openings in a foursome. You can join a group that has openings, or post openings to allow other BGC members to "link-up" with your group.


Help Keep Our Sponsors: Please support our sponsors by frequenting and purchasing from these business establishments. Let them know that you are from the BGC by writting "Buffalo Golf Club" on your check or on the vendor copy of your sales slip. Our sponsors have been very generous and we need to make sure that they know that they are getting some business from their continued support.

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