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New BGC Social Membership

New Social Membership

The Club’s Board of Directors recently approved a change to the Club’s Constitution & By-Laws to create a new “Social Membership” type. This is intended to allow members to maintain ties to the club when they are unable to participate in tournaments due to personal reasons. Here are a few questions and answers about social memberships.

Who is eligible for a social membership?

Any member in good standing may change his membership to a social membership by paying the social membership dues during the membership renewal period. Past members in good standing may apply to have their membership reinstated as social members by the membership committee.

How much are the dues for social members?

The social membership dues for 2016 have not been determined yet. The Board of Directors will set the social membership dues each year when they set the dues for full members. Social membership dues will be less than full membership dues, but no less than the dues paid by life members. Past members may be assessed an initiation fee when applying for reinstatement as social members, similar to full membership reinstatement.

What privileges do social members have?

Social members can participate in all club social events including parties, the Invitational, and the Club Championship picnic. If full members are required to pay an additional fee to participate in any of the social events, social members must pay the same fee.

What are the limitations of a social membership?

Social members may not participate in any club tournaments (except the Invitational). Social members may not vote for the Club’s Board of Directors and may not hold a Board office. Also, social members shall not have a handicap maintained by the club.

How do social members become full members again?

Social members may upgrade to full members again simply by paying the full membership dues during the normal membership renewal period. They may also upgrade to full members after they’ve paid their social membership dues by paying the difference between full membership dues and social membership dues.

Can new members join the Club as social members?

No. The Club’s primary objective is still to promote the interest of amateur municipal golfers. As mentioned above, the intention of social membership is to allow members to maintain ties to the club when they are unable to participate in tournaments due to personal reasons, so new members will only be admitted to the Club as full members.

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